Issues with 10.0.2 (back button and split screens)

RE: IDEA 10.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.6, Java 1.6


  I have very recently upgraded from IDEA 8.x to IDEA 10.0.2.  I'm encountering some problems, all of which may be interrelated, so I'm putting them all together in one post.

  I almost always work with a split screen configuration: two groups of editor tabs side by side.  When in this arrangement, I'm finding the following problems:

1) When I am focused on an editor in the right pane, and I click the Scroll From Source button, the file selected in the Project view is always the last selected tab from the left pane and not the one from the right.
2) When I use the Go To Declaration option to drill into a method, and then I click the back button, I am almost always NOT taken back to my starting point.  I haven't quite figured out the pattern yet, but it seems like I am always jumping to the wrong file.
3) When there is an exception in the console, and I click on a hyperlink to jump to a line in the code in question, even if the source file is open and is the front most in the right hand editor pane, IDEA still opens the source file in the left hand editor pane and scrolls to the line in that pane, leaving me with two editors focused on the same source file.

  I have not tested any of this with a top and bottom split arrangement.


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