Querying for bug fixes in a build (3281)

Is the data in the tracker for "Fixed in build" still complete and valid - I have a query/filter setup for the old tracker that told me what was fixed in a build - is this still complete data, or do I have to, somewhere, create a new query for Jira to tell me this?

Could such a standard query be linked to from the EAP download page? (Or probably better - the changes page)

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You'll have to create a query for Jira in order to see "manually submitted" bugs and features fixed between the builds (use "fixed
in build" field at the bottom of the page). The query to the old tracker will give you only the list of auto-reported exceptions
that have been fixed.

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Thanks for the clarification.

Could you please consolidate this information into a single, standard query for the EAPers?



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