IntelliJ 10.0.2 fails to use directory based libraries

I've a project containing a 3rd party library that's linked as a directory (binary only), as well as
several jar libraries.

In 10.0.1, everything was fine. After updating to 10.0.2 packages and classes contained in the directory aren't found, and thus lead to errors in the code editor.
Project structure lists the directory and content as a library for the project, so does the module settings dialog.

This in the community edition, haven't tried the commercial version yet (don't have it installed on this machine, on site at a customer).

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update: packing the directory content into a jar and changing the module settings to point to that jar rath
er than the directory caused the errors to go away, as expected if this were a problem caused by the 10.0.2 IntelliJ
update from 10.0.1.


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