Language Level Project Setting Trumps Module-Specific JVM Setting

I have a large project with its language level set to 5.0. All but 1 of the modules (9 in all) use JDK 1.5 and are quite content. However, the remaining module requires JDK 1.4, and I have configured its module-specific JDK as such. This 1.4 module has a lot of auto-generated installer extension code that uses the 1.5 reserved word "enum" as an instance variable name (enough to be a pain to change manually each time we re-gen - and yes, we need to be able to edit the generated code). My problem is that the editor is still applying 1.5 syntax checking to the code in this 1.4 module (and refusing to compile), even though I've changed its JDK to 1.4. Is this a bug or is there something I'm not doing correctly? In either case, can anyone recommend a workaround?

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Hey Vard,

you can start by voting on:

It's a known problem, unfortunately :(



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