tomcat shutdown problems

I am using IDEA 9.0.4 with tomcat 5.5.28

I have a server configuration that has catalina.bat as the startup and shutdown script.  Startup works fine.  Shutdown causes an error

the startup displays the following message:
Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005
the JAVA_OPTS are:

-Xverify:none -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:server=y,transport=dt_socket,address=5005,suspend=n -Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager

shutdown looks like this:

FATAL ERROR in native method: JDWP No transports initialized, jvmtiError=AGENT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_INIT(197)
ERROR: transport error 202: bind failed: Address already in use
ERROR: JDWP Transport dt_socket failed to initialize, TRANSPORT_INIT(510)
JDWP exit error AGENT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_INIT(197): No transports initialized [../../../src/share/back/debugInit.c:690]

I see from searching that this is a common error, but I can't seem to implement a fix no matter what I try:
removing -Xdebug from startup options, changing port, adding/removing shutdown attribute from server.xml

I tried putting the shutdown port in server.xml as 5006 and changing the JAVA_OPTS for doStop in catalina.bat to 5006 and this no longer causes an error when I click "stop" in the IDEA run dialog, but the process still fails to detach when I click "close".  I still must force a shutdown through the windows task manager.  

Why can't I shut down tomcat from IDEA?


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