IntelliJ X (latest build) and JProfiler 6 (latest version)

I can't seem to get the JProfiler plugin to work. It shows up in the plugin list as installed but it is red.


I faced the same problem.

Have anyone found a solution?


I'd like to suggest a workaround.
I need to profile web application on JBoss AS. It is possible to integrate JProfiler to JBoss. JProfiler creates run_jprofiler.bat. Choose this bat file in IDEA 'Run/Debug Configuration' -> 'Startup/Connection'. Run this configuration, it will be wating for connection from JProfiler GUI, run JProfiler, start new session and it works.

I suppose similar steps may be applyed for another profiling cases.


Problem with since/until versions at plugin config.xml:

Try to change it at .IntelliJIdea10\config\plugins\JProfiler_8848.jar!META-INF\plugin.xml
Change the until-build value, make it bigger current Idea release:

.. since-build="96.1" until-build="199.10000"


Thank you for your solution.


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