open code file in new splitter

I recently upgraded to a bigger monitor and find myself using the window splitter quite often - but I noticed that there is still room for optimization:

When I have 1 file open, I often want to see a referenced class/file - I use F2 and it opens in another Tab.

But quite often I want to see them side by side!

The only current option is to use "Split Vertically" and then - in the new splitter - use F2, which just takes too long!

A better option would be a shortcut (e.g. SHIFT+F2) to open a file directly in a new splitter - very similar to a browser's "Open in new Window/Tab".

This would really make my life easier.


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I use splitting a lot too, and would like to see something like this implemented. I'm just not sure where to report these enhancement suggestions, here's to hoping someone who knows to notices this. :)

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You can file a YouTrack as a "Feature" (request) issue. Naturally, you should search existing issues to make sure it's not a duplicate.

Randall Schulz


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