Chameleons. Who are they? :)


Maybe someone know about Chameleons lived in IDEA? :)
It just crashed for me with: "Should not be called on Chameleons" message :)

Alexey Efimov, Java Developer
Tops BI

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Chameleons are scary and powerfull daemons living in the IDEA PSI
forest. Only selected developers can tame them and use their powers for
the good. I wish you never meet chameleons unarmed and without good
supply of healing potions.


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So Im not the only one getting this exception {:-)

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Any news on the Chameleons issue? I get that error all day long, that's a bit painful. The most painful part is that it appends three x each time I hit return after the last field before the first method of my classes.

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The good thing about Chameleons is that you will hardly notice them ;)

And I heard they feed on bugs...


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