Grails unit tests fail when using spring-security-acl

Hi All,
I've been using IntelliJ for a while, but in a recent project i'm using the spring-security-acl grails plugin. When i run any unit or integration test the IDE fails. Even something as simple as:
class UserControllerTests extends GroovyTestCase {
  void testSomething() {

The IDE fails with this, even though it runs fine with "run" in the IDE:
unable to resolve class org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins.springsecurity.acl.AclObjectIdentity

The class exists and is in the right place.

One thing to consider. spring-security-acl does something that i think is weird. The code in the plugin depends on classes that are in the current module. That is, that the plugin is not complete and there is a weird dependency circle (ie myproject uses spring-security-acl, but spring-security-acl depends on certain classes being in myproject)


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Hi Matthias

Which version of Intellij are you using?

After upgrading to 10.0.1, i cannot even compile my grails project with the spring-security-acl plugin. I get errors like:

cannot find symbol class AclClass
cannot find symbol class AclObjectIdentity

Finally I got it running in Intellij 10. Here is what I did:
- quit Intellij 10 and reopen the same project with Intellij 9.0.4 again
- in the Project viewer under "External Libraries" -> "Grails User Library" i deleted the jar file "" (with "safe delete" disabled)
- then run the grails app. Grails does no reload the required jar files from the web again
- the project starts up without errors
- quit Intellij 9 and reopen the project with version 10
- now run the grails app. It should just start up fine, without the errors.

Probably you can do this all in Intellij 10 as well.



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