OSGi Bundle creation


   I am trying to evaluate IDEA for our team use, and found couple of issues compare to ecllipse RCP which we currently use:

   1. Is there any way how to instruct IDEA to honor MANIFEST.MF for inter-module dependencies, instead of dependencies set in IDE? I want to be without surprises when deploying module of unresolved dependencies.

   2. I had trouble to configure the framework to run with Felix 3.0.7 as it seems the Pax runner supplied has no support for it. I hacked it with replacing PAX-SNAPSHOT jar with current release, but still, would prefer some clean way to do this or just confirm this is the way it should be done.

   3. Is there any simple way I can list only certain jars/libraries to be available for Felix, instead the default where OSMORC will just take all what seems to be on class path?

   4. Any chance the dependencies will get resolved from Scala source too?

Thanks a lot for any feedback


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