JavaScript Plug-in Problems.


as of version 3245, the JavaScript plug-in seems to have some problems with
simple synthax:
1. if a semicolon ';' is missing before an ending bracket '}', this is marked
as an error. AFAIK this is OK in JavaScript, and a lot of javascript files
in actual projects use it that way. This is pretty annoying since all the
files are marked with red.
2. code formating doesn't seem to work right, and the problem seems to be
those places where the semicolon from item '1.' is missing.
3. code formating have proplems with with semicolon after closing bracket
'};' e.g. where functions are declared.
4. indentation after line comment is wrong: type: '// comment ...' and than
Enter. the cursor will be indented, but it shouldn't since it was just a

Are such problems in IRIDA's target, or javascript is too unimportant at
the moment, and maybe they will be solved after IRIDA?

Thanks in advance,


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