Android Libraries for sharing code and resources between projects, how?

The help files [1] states that a library project should be used for sharing code and resources for android projects, but at the moment it looks like the res/ (resources) doesn't get copy to the main Android project which seems to be required to get the generated R file and other resources to get bundled with the apk as mentioned at this stackoverflow question[2].

Is this a error in the documentation, or is IDEA supposed to support the feature of also sharing resources in libraries? Or maybe I have the module faclet dependency configured wrong in my IDEA project?

Using pure "api" calls works, problem first arrives when it requires usage of resources inside the library... so I'm assuming my setup is correct..
(I think Eclipse doesn't support this, but you are able to share resources if you setup maven2 and setup the dependency to be "apksources". I'm just hoping IDEA10 is going to have native support for it without using maven2 at the moment as we're still working on converting our projects to maven2)


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