CVS problem with IntelliJ Idea 10.0.1

Hi fellows,

I installed the 10.0.1 version on my 64-bit machine with 32-bit JDK.   The CVS plugin works fine on my machine with the Idea 8.1.4 version, but after the upgrade, CVS has some problems, e.g.,   when I tried to change a file,  I can only choose the "using file system" but not the "using version control integration"; after I chose "using file system", when I made changes to a file, the color does not change from blue to black; it also seems not to do anything when I try to update the file from the server.   I looked for the cvs integration plugin and did find it from file/settings/plugins/cvs/installed. Something is wrong here. Anyone else have seen this issue? Please let me know. If you have a workaround, i would like to try it. Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

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