Where to store idea.properties in Mac OS X?



where do I have to store my customized idea.properties in Mac OS X? Under ~/ or ~/Library/Application\ Support/... or anywhere else? To which directory is ${user.home}  in idea.properties mapped to?

Thank you

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Dear Serge,

thanks for pointing me towards this link. The solution is, that customized idea.properties aren't used in Mac OS X. If you want to make some configuration, you have to use the Info.plist file.

After an IDEA upgrade I always have to modify the property idea.cycle.buffer.size=disabled to see more output in the console window. Maybe this should be configurable through the IDEA GUI.

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On MacOS you'll most likely need to create this file

In the menu go to Help -> Edit Custom Properties...

Add what custom properties you'd like and then restart the IDE



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