Unable to resume/stop in Xdebug with IntelliJ 10

After upgrading to IntelliJ 10 I'm having trouble with Xdebug and PHP.

It works great when I click the debug button for the page that it brings up in the browser. Hits all the breakpoints, and I'm able to click 'Resume' to continue execution at any point. Page output returns ok.

After the first page-run however, IntelliJ sits in "Waiting for incoming connection with session id = XXXXX", as I expect and want it to. That way traditionally if I hit a break point while continuing to use my webapp IntelliJ will still pick it up, and it does continue to trigger breakpoints.

Here's the problem though. When it hits the first breakpoint in a second run (I.E. after it has been waiting for a new connecton), then I cannot 'resume' from a breakpoint, only step through code; nor can I stop the debugging either. The only button available it to restart debugging even though there is a session already in process.

If I step through or step out of all code, then the debugger hangs on "Connected" and the final page is never rendered to the browser.

So basically it works when I hit debug for the first run, hits breakpoints in the second run triggered from the browser, but there is no output back to the browser and based on the GUI buttons available in IntelliJ, it thinks it isn't debugging.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Should I just file a bug report? I'm using the latest version 10.0.1 of IntelliJ and Xdebug as well.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers.

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I created a bug report: IDEA-63974


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