Different Coloring of IDE depending on current codeline possible?

Before opening feature request in youtrack want to double check whether it is included already.

Is there a way to change the main coloring setup depending on which branch the current codebase is, example:
- When current codeline is master (git jargon) or trunk (svn jargon) then the signal color is blue
- When current codeline is non-main branch (e.g. release hotfix branch) then signal color is red.
- When current codeline is feature-branch then signal color is yellow

Would be cool to have this configurable in IDEA SCM integration.

The motivation behind is that usual daywork is switching between several branches. It happened several times that I committed code to the wrong branch. It would be cool to be more aware by supporting signal coloring depending on codeline.


This has befallen me, too.

If it were to be implemented, I'd like it to be completely programmable by the user, in a manner perhaps analgous to the TODO functionality (with REs to match the branch name and custom coloring or other highlighting controls associated with each branch name pattern).

Randall Schulz


Yes, should be configurable though I can imagine this feature is not trivial. But IDEA supports many non-trivial features so I created feature ticket http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-63858 :)


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