keyboard shortcut support of II10.0 on Mac seems not to work properly

I use Intellij IDEA 10.0.1 Build #UI-99.32 on a macbook pro OS X 10.6.5.

Besides the fact, that II's shortcout layouts of the mac version appear to be pretty bad
it seems that the keyboard shortcut implementation of II also does not recognize the OS X keyboard layout properly (which prevents parts of the customization) .
Keys which are assigned to special characters get automatically recognized as the standard characters of the american keyboard layout.
For example on a german mac with german layout mac the "+" key is recognized as "]".
(another example: using the dvorak (US) layout, the keys  " ' ", " , " and " . " which are on the keys "q","w" and "e" of the american layout are recognized as q,w and e.)
This can be tested in Preferences -> keymap when assigning a new shortcut.
The texteditor itself does recognize all keys correctly, however.

Is this a problem of the current version? I wonder that nobody has reported on this issue before.

I'm an absolute Mac Fan, but the Intellij IDEA mac version seems to be pretty bad :-(


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