Rerunning failed test cases

I'm thinking of submitting a feature request, but maybe it
already exists.

I've run my complete set of JUnit tests and a few have failed.
I'm wondering if there's an easy way to rerun single failed
JUnit tests (after fixing what's wrong) without losing the
results from the complete run. I've made that mistake a few
times and then I'm forced to re-run the complete test suite
to find the next test that failed.

I don't want to re-run all tests for every bug that I fix,
since it takes about 20 mins to run the complete set.

I would like to see a way to re-run specific tests and have
the results injected into the existing set of results.


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There is an open request to run the tests that failed first, in the next


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The roadmap says that "run failed tests first" feature will be implemented in Irida (the only indicated change to JUnit integration). Should be very handy.

--Dave Griffith


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