How do I move the .IntelliJIdea10 directory out of Documents and Settings?


I'm using the community edition of Idea version 10.0.1 on Windows XP at my office. The windows profile is backed up to a central location and is copied  from machine to machine. Idea puts some kind of files, configuration,  system, possibly indexing of the project under a directory called  .IntelliJIdea10. These files can grow very large. Right now they are at  4.2G. They have grown as large as 58G for me and caused me to be unable  to log into my company's system until an administrator went in behind  the scenes and deleted the entire directory.

I need to get these files out of the windows profile directory (C:\Documents and Settings) and keep them out.

How do I configure the location of this directory?

Thank you,

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Sorry. Searches that I tried did not find the answer. However, after I posted this, the forum listed similar posts and one had the answer, or close enough to it.

The correct answer for Idea 10 if anyone else is still curious is to edit bin/ and change the value for user.home. Strangely, resetting the value of the variable did not fix it for me. However, replacing use of the variable with a hard-coded string worked, which was good enough for me.

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You might look at the file in the install directory for Idea, in the /bin subdirectory.

You may want to look at the following properties:





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