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Hello, I am loving being able to add SWC Dependencies in Flash, however in a flex module I am only using one class from another module SWC and it includes all the classes from that dependency SWC, resulting in a large swf file.

Why doesnt the compiler just include the classes from the SWC file that are required? I am asking as I have read about this being possible, from adobe http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=compilers_14.html ;

library-path path-element [...]
Links SWC files to the resulting application SWF file. The compiler  only links in those classes for the SWC file that are required. You can  specify a directory or individual SWC files.

I assume IDEA supplies the compiler with something similar to this?


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Uncheck 'Export' check box at Dependencies tab (Project Structure dialog). For Flex dependencies 'Export' is used as -include-libraries compiler option.

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So it does, thanking you, that is very handy :)


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