Idea vs Eclipse with @SuppressWarnings annotations

I share a codebase with another Eclipse developer. I'm running into some discrepancies with warning suppression between the two IDEs.

If I have an unused method or field and let Idea suppress the warning, Idea inserts @SuppressWarnings({"UnusedDeclaration"})

In the same case, Eclipse inserts @SuppressWarnings("unused")

Idea will respect "unused" but Eclipse will complain about "UnusedDeclaration". Is there any way to get Idea to emit "unused" instead of "UnusedDeclaration"?

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Hi Willis,

It's not possible to do at the moment.

I'd suggest you to configure and use corresponding live template for quick '@SuppressWarnings("unused")' generation then.


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Thanks, Denis. That's a reasonable workaround.

- Will


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