Maven: local nexus authentication


I'm seeing some weird behavior with the maven plugin and authentication.

I am using IDEA 10.0.1.  I have a local nexus artifact repository, which does not permit anonymous access.

I have configured the "mirrors" section in my Maven "settings.xml" to route all maven repo traffic to my local repository.  This is working fine with all mvn commands from the command line, and also seems to work within IDEA when I click on goals from within the "Maven Projects" window in IDEA.  However, I noticed that searches from within the "Maven Artifact Search" window in IDEA were returning no results when I searched for classes that did not exist in my local (~/.m2/repository) maven repo.

This led me to the "Project Settings -> Maven -> Repository Services" dialog box.  I didn't see the URL for my local nexus repo here, so I added it and then clicked the "Test" button... and it says "No repositories found".  I am watching my nexus repo log while I am doing this, and every time I click "test" in IDEA, it says "Unable to authenticate user [anonymous]" in my nexus log.

Is it possible that some portions of the IDEA maven support are shelling out to the system install of maven, and others aren't?  And thus, some would honor authentication settings in my "settings.xml", and others would not?

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Try updating maven indices in Project Settings -> Maven -> Repository Services->Indexed Maven Repositories.

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I've explored this further and I'm pretty sure this is a bug in IDEA's maven support with regards to HTTP authentication.  I opened an issue here:


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