CVS merge problems

I have problem with merging file versions from CVS in IDEA.
Can someone explain me how to do it correct?

First, can I import project without Vendor branch and release tag as it is provided in WinCVS?

Now to merge:
I've created a project, imported it into cvs HEAD revision, made some changes and commited them. Then I've created a branch and commited some new changes to it. Then I've checked out HEAD revision and again commited some new changes. Now I try to merge HEAD revision with my branch.

When I use option "Merge with branch" in Update dialog, why the last editor area I get is "Last CVS Version" instead of the branch version I've chosed? And when "update info" tab shows me "Merged with conflicts" I can't see conflicts in merge dialog.

When I use "Merge two branches" option, why I can't see areas that shows:
first cvs version of file, second cvs version of file, merge result.
Instead I see Local changes and Last CVS version. I'm not interested in any of this areas!

Any help/guidance appreciated.

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Sorry, I've accidentally put this message into EAP forum instead of Community.


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