100% CPU with 3200 project loaded..

I am running 3200 on Fedora Core3. When I started intellij and loaded the project, I noticed significant slow down (even mouse was in slow motion). I looked at the system monitor and noticed the process below taking more than 96% of the CPU. When killed IntelliJ, I am back to normal.

Anyone else seen this? I have not noticed this all the time, so not sure what caused this.


root 33 1 1 09:25 ? 00:02:58

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I have 1GB ram and 1GB swap. The system monitor showed that about 600MB was getting used and less than 5MB of swap was being used. So, I don't think the memory was causing this.

I just uploaded the same project again and did full build and I am still doing fine. So that could have been a freak case but not sure what caused it.


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