Re: Android Platform Global Library should really be an SDK

Ahh I see that it was in fact you who recently commented on that exact issue,
my apologies! JetBrains seem to realise this is a problem so I'm sure they'll
fix it in time. Given the relatively easy workaround though I doubt it's
the highest priority for them. In the meantime it's probably best to just
watch that issue and hope for the best.



>> When you create an Android module, it uses the main project SDK
>> (which points to the standard Java SDK).  It then adds the Android
>> Platform as a Global Library.  In my opinion, IDEA should reference
>> the Android Platform as a separate SDK instead of a global library,
>> because Android does not have access to all of the standard JDK
>> classes.  In fact, one suggestion I've found is to create a new
>> "dummy" JDK that references the main JDK, and remove all of the .jar
>> Dependencies and use that as the Android SDK to work around this
>> issue.  Just wondering why IDEA doesn't treat the Android Platform as
>> it's own SDK?
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