idea.exe: something's fishy here

Hi there,

Since 3212 introduced the idea.exe.vmoptions file, I thought I'd use idea.exe for starting the app (I've been using idea.bat so far, since I needed different memory parameters for my project).

However, I don't seem to be too lucky with it, IDEA is quite unresponsive when started using the exe file (I posted a similar complaint about a month ago). Painting the windows seems to be especially problematic (alloy LnF appears to be affected more), here's a screenshot with the new file extension dialog (the controls show up only if I move the mouse cursor over them).

Back to using idea.bat, for now.


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Maybe you need -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true in the options file?

I've been running idea with this disabled for some time, but this switch
is very dependent on the graphics card/driver/etc.


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