CSS support

Gday, I am trying to edit css files in intellij 10 and the auto completion does not work.
Instead with ctrl-space there is a listing of all the actionscript classes that are in the project. When I edit a php file this does not happen and instead shows the expected, thinking about it again its almost like a bug?

I really think the cross language workflow is truely amazing, just it seems css has been an afterthought, or am I missing something? there is not even a file template for css by default.
After trying webstorm it works wonderfully, does idea even mean to provide this?


Hello Eugenz, I am referring to the use of *.css files in an IDEA project in general. ( inspections, code completion etc like in webstorm )

I am developing a web application that is a php / cms and as3 only application. When wanting to develop the php and front end markup the *.css files I am confused on what module settings are appropriate for it to work. I was just exeprimenting and by creating a new "blank Java module" the *.css files suddenly come to life with code completion. This does not happen in a flex projet however css code inspection does not work.


Actually, if a *.css file is located under Flex module or under a module containing Flex facet, IDEA associates CSS completion/highlighting with Flex instead of HTML. So, do you really need to use Flex module/facet?


Yes that is logical, for a flex only project, although not every as3 project uses css in only that way. So in order to have css code inspection in IDEA what module / facet do we use?

Is it hard to create a "module" for only html/css development where inspections work like webstorm?


You are right Eugene when setting up another module/facet in my case a "dummy java module/facet" the inspections work with all the w3c goodness etc. This is quite confusing for a non java developer like myself, I am wanting to use IDEA for everything but java.

Does intellij intend us to buy webstorm / phpstorm separatley and this is all by design? Does anyone disagree on having another two default module/facets for  html/css only ( like a webstorm project ) and just php?
I would love to hear some thoughts on this workflow in IDEA I think it gives the impression that it incorperates webstorm/phpstorm inside it but when you actually use it, it mostly makes sense to a java developer.


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