Ant build file - Idea 'Cannot to resolve symbol'?


In my Ant build I have the following lines:


The first 'property' tag points to a file in my user directory that has a
single property of:


The second line imports a properties file at the location given by the
'smartant.dir'. This works fine on the command line and also within Idea if
I run any of my ant tasks.

The problem is in the editor within Idea. It shows the file attribute of the
import in red and says 'Unable to resolve symbol
${smartant.dir}/Smart421/xml/properties.xml'. This then has a knock on
effect because Idea cannot locate any of the properties in the imported file
and therefore references throughout the build file are also in red.

If I edit the property in the file '' so that the back-slash
is a forward-slash thus:


Idea can now resolve the import and any references to properties in the
imported file?

As this is not a bug that stops the Ant build script from running, it would
follow that it is actually a bug with Idea? Am I right, or is there some
obscure strict ant rule to which Idea is adhering that states all file names
must use forward-slash?


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