3212 unstable if you do have javascript files or snippets in your workspace


3212 failed to open my projects which contained many javasript files and also JSP files which have snippets of javascript code.

IDEA hanged while reading "calendar.js" in my workspace.
Before that, it hit an exception:

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 169
at com.intellij.lang.javascript._JavaScriptLexer._locateToken(_JavaScriptLexer.java:702)
at com.intellij.lang.javascript._JavaScriptLexer.locateToken(_JavaScriptLexer.java:458)
at com.intellij.lang.javascript._JavaScriptLexer.getTokenType(_JavaScriptLexer.java:428)
at com.intellij.lang.impl.PsiBuilderImpl.getTokenOrWhitespace(PsiBuilderImpl.java:154)
at com.intellij.lang.impl.PsiBuilderImpl.getCurrentToken(PsiBuilderImpl.java)
at com.intellij.lang.impl.PsiBuilderImpl.getTokenType(PsiBuilderImpl.java:126)

With the new language plugin stuff being integrated, Irida stability more like an EAP now..

Look like I'll be sticking with 3200 for awhile.
I've been using 3200 since last week, about 50 hours of coding so far, and it is very stable for an EAP. As long as I don't need to edit my Global Code Style...

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