New to Java & IDEA and have a plugin question

I am new to Java and was looking around for an IDE.  IDEA seems to be the best choice, being free and looking better than Eclipse.

I am working on making modules for a software package with the following features:

1.  Each module is compressed into a  zip file (not a "zip" extension but compressed as such) and runs from the same zip file structure without having to be extracted onto the client.
2.  Each module is written in XML & Lua.
3.  Many file-related Lua commands are not supported.
4.  Each module may also contain sound files and images in the same zip file as the code.


1.  How would I go about making a plugin to support the zip file?  In other words, can I double-click on the zip file (not a "zip" extension) and have IDEA launched and the project loaded?  If that is not possible, can IDEA manually open the file and work directly from it without extracting all the files located within it?

2.  Can I make a copy of the Lua plugin and strip out the unsupported commands and put in the custom object components?  If not what is the best way to disable the unsupported commands and add the custom components?


Eric T.

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What do you mean by "File related Lua command", you mean in the Kahlua window?

You can set up a regular Lua SDK as detailed here:

That will let you run against your native Lua interpreter.

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The           following lists the variables and functions that are NOT available.

  • _G
  • dofile
  • getfenv
  • getmetatable
  • load
  • loadfile
  • rawequal
  • rawget
  • rawset
  • setfenv
  • setmetatable

The following standard libraries are available:

  • math
  • string
  • table

I have the Lua SDK loaded and was hoping to be able to create some kind of plugin that would disable these sections and add support for the object strcture in the app I am developing for.


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