RFE: Inspection Gadgets

Suggestions for inspection/error highlighting:

1.) Creating Threads in an EJB
2.) Waiting on threads in an EJB
3.) Synchronization on threads in an EJB
4.) Doing anything to threads within an EJB in complete violation of the EJB spec...
5.) Use of statics in an EJB (although if readonly, this is ok, but when you read/write, well...)

In fact, how about all of the EJB language spec suggestions about prohibitive programming practices?

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This is already done by IDEA itself (not IG). Look at the "General" section in the errors dialog and check "EJB Errors" and "EJB Warnings". Everything you enumerated is already covered by the "EJB Warnings" inspection.

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There's only one problem: I don't personally use EJBs. This might not seem like much of an issue, but it means that I can't really evaluate the suitability of EJB related inspections, and also don't know just what checks are already done by IDEA for conformance to the EJB spec (I know there are some, but they don't seem very well documented). Since a lot of the value of inspections is in finding corner cases, I'm not even too thrilled about implementing general checks, although I would if there were general agreement on them.

Other technology areas where I would be pleased to implement inspections if I had the knowlege include Servlets and JSPs (where my knowlege is three years out of date), JDBC (a couple inspections exist already, but if anyone can think of more) and Hibernate/XDoclet (where I have minimal knowlege).

--Dave Griffith


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