desired plugins

Like many programmers I am somewhat anally retentive about code. I
like to do things in a perfectly standard way.

It would be nice for example to have a plug-in that searched for a
method called layoutComponents and looked for code of this form:

// x y w h wtx wty anchor fill T L B R padx pady
        contentPane.add( title,
                new GridBagConstraints( 0,
                        new Insets( 20, 10, 5, 5 ), // top, left,
bottom, right
                        0 ) );

It then sorts it by x and y, the first two parms to

It looks for a method named buildComponents. It looks
for code like this:

powerLabel = new JLabel( "power" );
powerLabel.setBackground( BACKGROUND_FOR_LABEL );
powerLabel.setFont( FONT_FOR_LABEL );
powerLabel.setForeground( FOREGROUND_FOR_LABEL );

wattsLabel = new JLabel( "watts" );
wattsLabel.setBackground( BACKGROUND_FOR_LABEL ); wattsLabel.setFont(
wattsLabel.setForeground( FOREGROUND_FOR_LABEL );

It sorts the calls to the methods my method name, and orders the
blocks in the same order as they are declared. It might disturb the
semantics, but that is up to the user to tidy up later.

I would like some way to alphabetise the list of programs I can run,
or order it by inverse last used date.

I would like generate to be souped up to generate Javadoc comments
using the Javadoc comments on the variables.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products

In programming, and documenting programs, keep vocabulary consistent and precisely defined! Variation in vocabulary to relieve the tedium is for novels.

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