How to Configure Ignored Resources?

I have a huge directory(it's actually a symbolic link to a huge directory) in my project folder. I want IDEA to completely ignore that directory.

I go to 'Project Settings' -> 'Resources', and add an entry in 'Configure Ignored Resources' box. It asks me to enter the URI. But I don't know the URI. Could someone help me on this?
There's an existing entry in the box, which is  urn:idea:xslt-plugin#extensions

Thanks a lot

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Click on menu item File -> Project Structure, then select "Modules" in the left, your module in the middle panel, "Sources" in the right side, then click on the directory in the right-most tree and select "Excluded".
See attached screenshot.

Have fun with IDEA!

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You can do it in Project Structure -> Your module -> Sources tab.
Mark your folder as "excluded" there.
"Resources" is not the right place for that. It affects XML schemas


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