Dead-slow UI when starting IDEA using idea.exe (on winXP)

Hi there,

The UI is completelly unresponsive in 3177 for me if I start IDEA using the
provided exe. Although the CPU usage is close to 0, a mere pane resize operation
takes several seconds. I somehow managed to "fix" it yesterday, but the joy
wasn't meant to last, it seems.

However, the build is great if started from the provided batch file (where
I can also specify the memory settings), so it might be an issue with the
executable. Anybody else seeing this?


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Well, I'm using the batch-file and IDEA seems to be less responsive than
the build 3144, especially when typing in the editor.


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I have this problem with 3185. Using the executable, the GUI is extremely slow. It takes 10 seconds from a click in the edit window until the caret position is moved. Running from the batch file, everything is fine.


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