Show 'target' or build output in Project or Commander windows

Hi, I've installed IntelliJad to look at how some Scala sources are compiled, so I'd like to find and decompile target classes in my current project. Have looked everywhere and googled but cannot find an option to switch this on in IntelliJ (9.0.3).

Any help much appreciated.


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Hi Alfie,

same problem for me. I am using the plugin "FileBrowser" for this purpose:

Anyhow, a toggle to view the target directory in Commander would be great. Maybe you should file an issue at youtrack.

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You would need to go into the project structure settings (ctrl+alt+shift+S).Under Project Settings, select "Modules". For each module you desire, select the module, go to the "sources" tab, and remove the 'target' directory from the "Excluded Folders" list via the small x to the right.

Be warned however, that doing this will cause some undesirable side effects. IDEA will index everything in the target directory and its subdirectories. This will cause some extra work and blot. And when you do searches, it will find duplicates in both the source tree and the target tree. So results will be doubled. This is why toggling it into view in the project or commander window would be impractical, it would result in a reindexing of the project whenever you toggled it on or off.

Also, if this is a maven based project, if you re-import the maven POMs at all, the target directories will be added back in.

In the end, if might be easier to go to File | open, navigate to the class file, and open it. IntelliJad will offer to decompile it for you.


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