3177 - Refactoring and Structure view weirdness

Some more weirdness I am seeing in 3177.

Earlier this morning, I was attempting to do a Refactor | Rename on a
variable and when I executed it, the window just "disappeared". I saw
something that resembled a set of results that are normally shown before
you're allowed to press the Do Refactor button (or Preview Refactor), but it
went away too quickly. So I did it again. Same results. So I did it
again. Same results.

I renamed the variable by hand and went on my way with other things.

About an hour later, after doing other things, I noticed a Find button at
the bottom next to my Debug and Todo buttons. Being curious, I clicked it.
I'll be damned....it's the results of the 3 Refactorings I had earlier

Previously, attempts to Refactor used to perform its searches and return the
results to you. Visibly. On top. In your face. Because that's what you
were in the middle of doing. The behavior has now changed such that it
thinks we are going to ask to do a Refactor and go off and do something else
and thus dont want to be bothered with a search results window on top. What
could possibly be more important when you're in the middle of a refactoring?
And since the results aren't like a modal window, nothing prevents us from
minimizing the results if we so choose.

This new default behavior is odd. Ok , terrible. Imagine opening Word or
Excel, and choosing to save the document...and then the dialog box
immediately related to this operation is minimized, forcing you to "go get
it" to continue your operation.


Possibly related to this is the Structure view. It sometimes defaults to a
"closed" state such that I have to click on the little plus sign to get to
the methods. It's not even consistent for me. On one class, the Structure
view always opens up expanded (methods are shown), and another class always
comes up collapsed.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but is the Structure view of any value if
it is collapsed? It seems to me that the whole point of going to the
Structure view is to see something. I swear, I am not being sarcastic. I am
trying to be helpful. If I go to a view that has more or different
information, it should show me the information. I hope this is a bug and
not a design decision.


I dont know. I'm seeing lots of regression. Maybe I'm not paying
attention, but I don't see a whole lot of new functionality coming in, but I
am seeing previously perfected functionality break with far more ease and
frequency than with previous EAPs. When Alt-F1 broke, I thought "hmmm...why
are they touching this when it works fine". But now we seem to be
"crosscutting" (to use a famous phrase) across all sorts of functionality
that has no reason to break.

...just a little, hopefully helpful, feedback.

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I'm think it's related for OpenAPI extending, at least Structure and Package View problems(by the way Usages View may be opened too). It works fine for years but now when they intend to open this API some code rewriting (I mean rewriting exactly not refactoring :) ) provided and may be some troubles appeared. Your report of course help to resolve problems I'm hope.



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