Irida problem resolving jsp include directives?

I just have Irida a try using a copy of my 4.5.3 project. So far, the main problem is my jsp include directives aren't getting resolved.

In 4.5.3, it would resolve this file to the Global.jsp located in my ]]>/jsp/Global.jsp, but using Irida with a copy of the project, it complains that the file doesn't exist.

Does anyone else have the same problem, or do you think it might be Irida as a problem using a web module created by 4.5.3 ?


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I am seeing the same behavior with the include.

I also have a custom taglib where the classes are in WEB-INF/classes ( not in a jar ) and Irida can'r resolve the taglibs. v 4.5.3 resolved it just fine :(


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