Known issues in new builds

Two questions:

First, every build includes a file called "Known Issues," but the
content of this file appears never to change. It would be helpful if
serious regressions or bugs known to JetBrains were briefly described
along with each build. This would be a courtesy to people who understand
and are willing to accept the risks of using EAP software, but who might
not be able to tolerate a particular problem that is especially
disruptive to their work process or style. As a not-so-serious example,
I find the regressions in the structure pane particularly annoying, and
I might have stayed on 3144 until these are resolved if I'd known about
them. (As it is I may very well retreat to 3144. I imagine that most
people wouldn't be so picky about this particular issue.) I'm not
talking about taking a great deal of time to do this. And it might save
the developers time, by reducing the number of duplicative error reports
they have to filter out.

Second, and a minor point: Is there some reason there's no link to JIRA
in place of or in addition to the Tracker links on the ITN Web page?

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