IntelliJ so slow, I don't know what happened!

I'm running the latests EAP build and IntelliJ seems to be getting slower with the newer builds.  I'm working on a really big project, so that may have something to do with it, but no reason for any size project to bring the whole IDE to a grinding halt!   It's making me wonder whether IntelliJ is getting too bloated with complexity, or is it perhaps just a temporary performance issue in these latests builds?  

Either way, I had to switch to working in Eclipse because it really was completely unusable (it takes sometimes 5 seconds to respond to a click or scroll the editor, and sometimes even longer).  

Does anyone have any insights or ideas on why it's so slow and if there's anything I can do to improve it (I think I have an adequate amount of memory, 3 GB total).  


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Hi Otto,

It's abnormal situation.

Please provide corresponding performance snapshot in order to identify and fix the problem.

Regards, Denis


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