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Hi All

Ok i finally managed to output to a local server, but now when i run the app, i get this message

Error #2044: Unhandled ioError:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: Data/Text/welcome.txt

Any suggestions please ?

Having looked further, i realised that the folders in the src folder are not being copied to the directories, either my local server or the test / production folders, which is causing the above error message.  When i manually copy the folders, everything works ....

Any reason why the folders are not being copied across ?

Many thanks


Take a look at your resource pattens list for your compiler settings (see my post for a discussion on where and how to set this). I'm pretty sure that by default, .txt files are not copied over by the compiler. If none of the files in a directory are copied over (because none match the resource patterns list), the directory itself is not created. That will give the appearance the directory is being ignored.

Also make sure the directory in question is marked as a source directory in the module's settings (on the "sources" tab) in the "Project Structure" (File | Project Structure or ctrl+alt+shift+S) dialog.


Hi Mark

Many thanks for that, now i understand ... You take so much for granted in Flex Builder lol .... Ok i have just made the Data/Text folders source folders, but only the text documents are being copied, not the folder structure ..... Will keep trying to figure this out

Many Thanks


whitetimer wrote:

Ok i have just made the Data/Text folders source folders, but only the text documents are being copied, not the folder structure

You only want to make the "base" directory a source directory. For example, in this screenshot:
the "resources" directory is marked as a source (hence the reason it is blue). As a result, the directory structure and its contents are copied. So in the destination, I will have the logback.xml configuration file along with the "messages" and the "spring-configs" directory, along with all their content (as long as those files match something in the resource patterns list).  The "resource" directory itself is not copied to the build destination. This is the same concept for classes where you have a structure of src/com/example/  -- you would mark the 'src' directory as a source so the packages structure, but not the 'src' directory itself, are copied. In the above example, if I were to mark the "messages" and the "spring-configs" directories as a source directories, those directories would not be copied. Only their content.

Note that the above is from a Java module, but the same holds true for flex modules.


Thats excellent Mark, thanks for the explanation ... I have it all sorted now ... !!!

Many Thanks


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