Intellij Idea 8 with GWT 2.0

I really need to be able to use GWT 2.0 with IntelliJ Idea 8.0. I tried creating a new GWT project with IntelliJ 8 GWT support plugin and pointed to GWT 2.0 install but compiler didn't like it.
When I try to run/compile it complains that some -style option is wrong. I assume that by default IntelliJ 8 is sending certain long command to the GWT compiler and probably the command is no longer valid for GWT 2.0.
I also tried to generate initial project structure with GWT 2.0 webAppCreator and inport into IntelliJ 8. Unfortunately it doesn't even show it in the project pane.

I need a solution! I know that the project structure had changed from GWT 1.4/1.5 to GWT 2.0. I need to be able to at least edit all files/ work with the Project in IntelliJ 8 and then compile in command line..

Thank You guys!

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