XSLT support?

Does Irida Build #3144 fully support XSLT editing?

An earlier message complained of unrecognized namespaces. I found that the external resource automatically retrieved from w3c.org to resolve the namespace URI was just an empty stub, so I manually changed the resource to point to the Schema file provided with a trial download of Altova XML Spy. (XMLSpy2005/Schemas/xsl/def_xslt.dtd)

This resolved the namespace issue, however the editor complains that HTML tags are not allowed within XSL tags and vice-versa.

Am I using the wrong schema files? If so, is there an approved/tested schema file that works properly with IDEA to allow XSLT editing?

Below is a very simple (and incomplete) example XSL file that illustrates the problem...



                XSLT Test

Just a test

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FWIW, I think that I discovered my own solution.

I am relatively new to XSL and was not aware, if indeed I am now correct, that it is not technically valid to mix html tags with xsl tags.

Virtually every tutorial and sample xsl file that I've looked at does this. IE, NS, XMLSpy, and FireFox all support it, but it doesn't actually fit the Schema for a valid XSL file.

To do it correctly, I replaced all of my HTML tags with xsl:element and xsl:attribute tags.

Now IDEA handles editing the files just fine and the xml transformation is also done correctly.



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