Wrong user profile on Windows 7


Intellij indicates many errors in my Spring applicationContext which is referring properties files of the USERPROFILE directory.
Some time ago - so I dont know what could have triggered my issue - properties files are not resolved correctly anymore. That is due to the fact that USERPROFILE environment variable is resolved to C/://Users//....properties The problem is the slash after the C. I dont think that this is directly Intellij related but maybe someone knows the root of my problem? I verified that the variable is set correctly.


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System.properties in Intellij indicates the same problem

user.dir=C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\JetBrains\\IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3\\bin

sun.boot.class.path=c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\lib\\resources.jar;c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\lib\\rt.jar;c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\lib\\sunrsasign.jar;c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\lib\\jsse.jar;c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\lib\\jce.jar;c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\lib\\charsets.jar;c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\classes;C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\JetBrains\\IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3\\bin\\/../lib/boot.jar
sun.boot.library.path=c\:\\program files (x86)\\jetbrains\\intellij idea 9.0.3\\jre\\jre\\bin

This backslash before the colon is just everywhere

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