Ant Fork Parameter

We're seeing differences in behavior between unit tests run in ant, and
unit tests run in idea using the run/debug settings. We're trying to
figure out what is causing the difference in behavior, and we were
thinking that maybe it's the fork=true parameter in the ant file. We
tried to add fork=true and -fork=true to the runner parameters with no
difference in results and wanted to make sure that was the proper way of
adding this parameter.

The issue as we're seeing it, is that we have a bunch of database tests
which use Hibernate. When we run these tests in ant, we see the number
of connections to the DB go up and down as expected as the test is
finished. In IDEA however, when we run the same package of tests, the
number of connections just keeps growing until all tests are done, then
the connections in the DB are gone. The app running live behaves
correctly as well, so it's not our code, and it is specific to how IDEA
creates the tests or deals with something we can't seem to put our
finger on.

I don't want to file this as a bug until I understand what the problem
is. This is something happening in 2250, did not try it in irida.


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