Feature Request - Select more than one method

With some of these Hibernate entities I am having to type a lot of calls to getters/setters. It would be fantastic if I could select them all from the menu.
So for example:

thingamabob.set[tab][Select serveral methods][enter]
and wind up with

thingamabob.setSomething2(null, null);
thingamabob.setSomethingA(null, null, null);
thingamabob.setSomethingB(null, null);

or if it returns something..

List<String> a = thingamabob.getSomething1(null);
String b = thingamabob.getSomething2(null, null);
int c = thingamabob.getSomethingA(null, null, null);
BigDecimal d = thingamabob.getSomethingB(null, null);
Map<FunkyChicken> e = thingamabob.getSomethingC(null);


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Hi Jim,

we believe that the feature you requested is too controversial.
But you can write a plugin :)


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