How to Import Project Set File (.psf file) in to intellijIDEA


I need to checkout p2 source of equinox project [1]. The eclipse people using CVS as their version control. The process it to import the project using the CVS after getting the projectset.psf file. I used the CVS integration plugin for intelliJIDEA & it worked well for simple checkout from the remote server. But I want to checkout the source as listed in the .psf file. In eclipse I can do that using right_click_onfile -> import project set.

But in jIDEA i cant figure out how to do that.  The CVS plugin does not even recognize the file type. May I'm missing some trivial thing. Please help.


Thanks in advance,
-Pradeep Fernando

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.psf files aren't supported yet though it is planned.
Please feel free to create a feature request in tracker to monitor it's progress.


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