Find method in current file

Is there a shortcut or other way of finding a method in the current file?  I know I can look at the structure view and search there, but it would be nice to have something analogous to Eclipse's ctrl-o.


I don't know the way Eclipse does it, but in IntelliJ I usually press ctrl+F12 and start to type the name. Then enter to go there.


That's just what I was looking for!  Thanks!


Hi Adam,

Please note that you can also press 'Ctrl+F12' second time and methods list will be populated by superclass(es) methods as well.

Regards, Denis


As an FYI: If you need to find a method or variable, but are not sure what file it is in (or you are not in the correct file at the moment), you can use the "Go To Symbol" action. Access it via ctrl+alt+shift+N (Or via the menu: Go To > Symbol)


Thanks for all of the great tips!  They're most helpful.


Ctrl+F12 corresponds to the File Member action. Do not confuse with Symbol... (Go to Symbol) action, which will search for *all* symbols in the project (or whatever your filter is set to).


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