intellij deleting all files in compile output path

I've been having an issue with intellij for a while now, it is deleting all the files in my flex compile output path. I don't have to say what a huge problem that can create, thank god for git. Does anyone know why this could be happening? Or is this a legit intellij bug?


Definitely not a bug. It is a much desired feature. IntelliJ IDEA is doing a clean build. A corner stone of good build practices. I guess I do not understand why you would have compiled output checked into version control. Typically version control only contains source code, not built artifacts.

Nevertheless, if you do not desire this behavior, go into Settings (File > Settings or ctrl+alt+S). Under Project Settings, select the "Compiler" node. On the left, uncheck "Clear output directory on rebuild". Note that this is a per project setting. You can, if desired, change it in the project template settigs (Settings > Other Settings > Template Settings).


believe me, you do NOT want to keep old files in your output path. the sources and the output *will* get out of sync, which will make you spent countless hours debugging magic code that doesn't do what the source says


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