Maven plugins configuration validation


I often find validation errors in Maven plugins configuration.

For example this entry in the POM will show an error because stopKey and stopPort elements are not defined:


The Jetty plugin will work fine without them though. After changing version to 6.1.24 the problem disappears.

I'm wondering how does IDEA validate Maven plugin configurations. Do plugins provide a schema for their configuration for each version? Or is it just hardcoded in IDEA?

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The reason I ask is because I don't know wheter to report issues to IDEA or Maven plugins.

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AFAIK the possible configuration elements are taken from the plugin's pom.xml   You can try by navigating to any valid configuration element (CTRL+click) and check whether the missing properties are missing in the corresponding pom.xml

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Actually the information about possible parameters is in META-INF\maven\plugin.xml in the plugin jar. I found that by control-clicking on the valid configuration element. Thanks!


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