Awkwardness in moving classes

I've been doing a lot of refactorings involving moving classes between
modules. As a result of this I've noticed that the interface has some
big usability problems when it comes to this.

If I use cut and paste to move files between modules I would expect it
to just work. Instead the interface completely ignores the fact that
I'm pasting into a different module. Instead I have to make sure
preserve source folders is unselected then rechoose the right
module/directory combination in a rather crowded "choose destination
directory" dialog box.

The first few times I did I ended up moving things into the right
package but the wrong project.

Obviously it's too late to have this fixed for 4.5 but please look into
this for 5.0.


Glen Stampoultzis

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Full ack. Even the normal Move dialog (F6) leaves enough room for



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